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We are always working to add more products online so you can shop at your convenience and pick up at the nursery! But adding products takes time and it's something that we are still working on. 

Not all of the plants we offer are represented online. We're happy to provide you with a list of our current availability, but please remember that stock can change daily. Give us a call to verify stock or if you would like to know sizes or pricing.

Our number is: (850) 939-1934 

As of March 29th, 2024 we have the following availability in addition to what is shown online:

 -Red Navel Orange Navel -Granny Smith Apple
-Standard form Blueberries (Single Trunk) -Gala Apple
-Flavortop Nectarine -Dwarf Satasuma
-Satsuma -Strawberry Tree
-Pineapple Pear -Double Mahoi Banana
-Loquat -Red Grapefruit
-Banana Cavendish -Orange Pineapple
-Goldmine Nectarine -Dwarf Key Lime
-Dragonfruit -Passionfruit
-Avocado Marcus Pumpkin -Avocado Catalina
-Lychee Mauritius -Pomegranate Sirenevyi
-Chicago Fig -Arbequina Olive
-Eureka Lemon -Mulberry
-Honeybelle Tangelo -Dwarf Clementine
-Fuji Apple -Anna Apple
-Cleveland Pear